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What is an Edgineer?

A learner in motion tends to stay in motion. A learner at rest tends to stay at rest.

That idea was articulated by a keynote speaker at a conference I attended a couple of years ago. It inspired in me a whole new way of thinking about instruction. My ultimate goal is not only to teach the topic at hand, but to ignite minds: to create perpetual learners.

Just like perpetual motion, creating perpetual learners requires two types of action. On the one hand, you need to generate propulsion. On the other, you need to minimize friction. In this blog we’ll explore ways to do both. We will seek to become edgineers: engineers of education.

We’ll talk about instructional design, adult learning, and educational technology. We’ll imagine new approaches, commit to taking intelligent risks, and most of all, we’ll strive for empathy for our learners.

I hope you’ll participate in the conversation.

(by Rissa Karpoff)